If you're turkey hunting this spring, these are 10 pieces of gear that are essential if you want to get a bird on the ground! You can't stop the FLOP!

1. Coffee

This is KEY to even coming close to having a successful hunt, ha! If you can't stay awake in your turkey chair or blind, you won't be able to see the gobblers strutting right by. I prefer to take a thermos wilt a built in cup, so I can pour cup after cup while my hunting buddy calls the turkeys in for me.

2. Snacks

Equally as important as coffee, you need snacks to stay fueled for the morning hunt. I prefer meat, cheese, and granola bars. I tend to stray away from carb and sugar heavy snacks, such as sandwiches and candy bars.

3. Camouflage

When hunting turkeys, you will want to be covered in camo from head to toe. Turkeys have really good eyesight and can pick up bare skin and fast movements without even thinking. I've gotten caught by birds when I thought I was being stealthy. So, if you're covered up with your favorite camo, you have a higher chance of not being seen when moving or not by a turkey.

4. Layers

Layers are a must! What do I mean by layers? Opening day of turkey is usually bone chilling cold at first and then warm enough to be in a t-shirt when finished. To be prepared, you will want a base layer (I use Merino Wool) and a midweight jacket and pair of pants. If you really want to go the extra mile, throw a hoodie or down jacket in your backpack as an extra layer.

5. Seat

My father-in-law taught me the importance of having a seat while Turkey hunting. The ground is typically damp, causing you to become uncomfortable if you do not have a seat. There are a few different kinds of seats available. My favorite is the turkey chair from Turkey Thugs.

6. Bow

A shotgun seems to be the norm for Turkey hunting, but I prefer to hunt with the bow. It seems that hunting from a blind with the bow is ideal, although if you are as stealthy as Spiderman, you should have no problem going without a blind. Just be aware of your surroundings and know that if you move too quick, that big ol' Gobbler will see you and take off. Camouflaging your bow will give you more confidence as your bow will not look like a stick being held in mid-air by magic. 

7. Arrow

Use an arrow that works with your bow setup. It doesn't matter if you use the most expensive or least expensive arrow. If it flies fast enough and straight, when combined with your bow and broadhead, you should be set to kill a turkey this spring.

8. Broadhead

Most folks use expandable broadheads when hunting turkeys because of the total cut length upon contact. I prefer a fixed blade though, like the Siege Broadhead, because if your bow is tuned properly and the setup does what you want it to, you should have no problem killing a turkey. Of course, you need to practice, practice, practice! If you don't practice, you will not feel confident enough to kill a turkey or even big game.

9. Boots

I wear nothing but camouflage rubber boots when hunting. It doesn't matter what I'm hunting, I always wear rubber boots. Rubber boots keep your feet dry, plus keep the scent down, so you don't get busted by deer, when trying to get a bird on the ground.

10. Gloves

Plain and simple. You hands need to be covered! Wear a pair of gloves that you feel comfortable shooting your bow with. If they're camouflage, perfect! Your bow will likely be cold first thing in the morning, so a pair of nice gloves will keep your grip tight and more comfortable.

If you have an item that you don't hit the woods without, drop it in a comment below. We'd love to hear from you! 


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