The Siege Broadhead

Located in the heart of Utah's beautiful Wasatch mountains, we are dedicated archers who believe in delivering quality products to bring you success in the field. We are uncompromising on the development of rugged broadheads that perform on any game – anywhere, anytime.  

Siege Broadhead

The Siege's patented BBT "BENT BLADE TECHNOLOGY" creates a broadhead that is unparalleled in strength and durability. Its cut-on-contact tip coupled with a hardened stainless steel low-drag ferrule, makes for less resistance and extreme penetration.

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How does the Siege Broadhead fly?

The Siege Broadhead flies very well according to those who purchased and have had success using it in the field.

Do I need to shoot right helical vanes with the Siege broadhead?

We recommend a right helical or right offset vane. You want the arrow twisting in the same direction as the broadhead upon impact.

How does the Siege Broadhead break bone?

Single bevel broadheads have mechanical rotation opposite of the beveled edge.  "The deeper the broadhead penetrates into bone the  greater the surface area of the bevel that is in contact with the bone and the greater the splitting force generated.  When the total applied lateral pressure exceeds the bone tensil strength, the bone breaks." Dr. Ed Ashby.